Our Review Process

Our review process isn’t static. We always iterate and make changes to it whenever we are able to. It always evolve as the site grows. We believe the best tech information starts with top-notch reviews. And that’s why, we’ve spent a huge amount of time researching ideas for what makes for a good laptop review.

Our Current Review Process

It is as follows:

  1. Decide upon a laptop category.
  2. Conduct hours of research using every good resource available.
  3. Supplement the research with any hands-on experience.
  4. Select the best ten laptops for the chosen category.
  5. Write in-depth articles explaining the choices and include buying advice.
  6. Update the articles when new products are released or as we gain more hands-on experience with them.

We follow the above review process for the majority of the buying guides/articles on our site.