About Us

At SlashApple, our goal is to help our readers find the perfect laptop. We write guides in form of Best or Top 10 so that the users can easily navigate through them and select the perfect match for themselves. Our articles/guides are categorised for different budgets, professions and specs.

Our team is lead by technology experts with deep knowledge of computers and notebooks/laptops as well as other electronic gadgets. Most of them are graduates in computer engineering which gives then an advantage in reviewing these laptops and suggesting you the perfect ones.

How We Choose Laptops?

The first priority is always given to those laptops that we’ve used personally or contacted the manufacturer for comments about them. Apart from that, we also research buyer’s reviews and many other information resources and technology vloggers. We follow strict rules when it comes to adding a notebook in our guide. Our main focus is always to find and suggest the best value laptops our readers are actually looking for. In addition to value, we also look at the durability and the overall quality of the laptop.