A Patent suggests that Apple might be working on a touch screen MacBook

Apple has filed a patent (number 20200019367) that suggests that the company is considering a touch screen MacBook. The patent doesn’t directly hint for a laptop but the images and details like “electronic device 5012” is actually a device like a laptop with a touch screen.

touch screen macbook

This is not the first patent that hints for a portable device with a touch screen. In fact Apple filed another patent in May 2019 (number 10296126) which suggests an iMac with a touch screen.

Here’s a summary of Apple’s latest patent:

The present disclosure generally relates to engaging in cross device interactions. The method includes at a first device with a first display, while a second device having a second display is placed over a first region of the first display, detecting, via input devices of the first device, a first input. In response to detecting the first input and in accordance with a determination that the first input occurred while focus was directed to the second device, the method includes causing a response to the first input to be displayed on the second display

Now we know that Apple files for a lot of patents and most of them never actually come out as a device but we might see a touch screen MacBook in the near or far future.

via: Apple World Today

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