A14 chip will make iPhone 12 as powerful as a 15-inch MacBook Pro

We have heard a lot of rumors about the upcoming iPhone, currently being dubbed as the iPhone 12. With faster 5G connectivity, a physical design similar to iPhone 4 or the current iPad Pro with A14 chip equipped with 5nm process. This 5nm process will make the iPhone 12 as powerful as MacBook Pro.

According to Macworld

This is a big upgrade. The 5 nm A14 chip mode is not a half-step by any stretch, but it is the next “full node” after 7nm […]
If we take TSMC at its word about the improved transistor density of the 5 nm process, we’re looking at an incredible 15 billion transistors. That’s more than all but the largest high-end desktop and server CPUs and GPUs. It’s huge. It’s so big that I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Apple shrunk the total chip area a bit to around 85 mm square  and around 12.5 billion transistors.

The fastest Android Phones right now have a score of 3,000 while the 5nm chip will take this score to 5,000 which equal to “6-core mainstream desktop CPUs or high-end laptop CPUs“.

The A14 chip will improve the graphics performance by up to 50%, the kind that is used in high-end games. It doesn’t stop there, analysis says that the improvements will be seen in the neural engine as well

With the higher transistor budget afforded by the 5 nm manufacturing process, I think Apple will add Neural Engine cores this time, and may make other architectural improvements as well. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Apple claim that machine learning tasks are at least twice as fast as on the A13.

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