How To Set-up Express Mode for Apple Pay

Express Mode is an Apple Pay feature that enables simple tap and go feature if you are traveling. It means that you don’t have to authenticate a payment through Face ID or Touch ID instead you can simply tap on your iPhone or Apple Watch and go. Here’s how to set-up Express Mode for Apple Pay.

You need an iPhone 6s or later to set-up Express Travel, if you have one follow these instructions

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Wallet & Apple Pay
  • Select Express Travel Card
  • You can select your preferred card from here

It comes with a security issue if your iPhone or Apple Watch is in someone else’s possession they can use your card for transit. Face ID and Touch ID are required for every other transaction.

You can also enable Express Mode for Apple Watch which removes the need to wake up Apple Watch by double-clicking the side button. You can simply hols your watch near the underground terminal and you are done.

Apple Pay Express Transit is currently available for the TfL network in London, the MTA in New York City, Hop Fastpass in Portland, Suica transit in Japan and selected Beijing and Shanghai transit cards.

If you have questions of following the tutorial on how to set-up Express Mode for Apple Pay, please let us know in the comments.

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