Apple Suing Former iPhone and iPad Chip Designer

Apple is suing its former iPhone and iPad chip designer Gerard Williams III for breach of contract. The suit says that Gerard formed his new company Nuvia while still working for Apple, furthermore he is also accused of hiring his former employees.

“The case involves a worst-case scenario for an innovative company like Apple. A senior director with years of experience, and years of access to Apple’s most valuable information, starts a competing company leveraging the very technology the director was working on, and the same teams he was working with, while still employed by Apple.”

The suit says that Gerard Williams started his own company while in Apple and that he told his colleagues that his new company will design technology that “Apple will have no choice but to purchase”.

Williams, on the other hand, has also filed a counterargument a notice of demurrer in which he claims that Apple has no right to sue him and that non-competitive clauses in his contract are against the state legislature.

“Apple cannot state a claim for breach of contract because the underlying contractual provision is illegal. Apple cannot state a claim for breach of the duty of loyalty because it is preempted by the California Uniform Trade Secrets Act…”

Apple is suing the former chip designer but neither of the two parties has spoken publicly on the matter.

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