Apple Concerned About two Ex-Employees Who Stole Company’s Secrets

Apple is concerned about two of the company’s ex-employees who stole secrets from Apple. Both employees belong to China, the company has asked a federal court to monitor the location of both as they pose a flight risk.

One of the accused is Xiaolang Zhang who worked in Apple on self-driving car Project Titan who stole files related to it before disclosing that he is leaving Apple for a competitor in China. He was arrested in San Jose airport while he was going to catch a flight to China.

The other is Jizhong Chen who managed to stole over 2,000 files from Apple’s secure database. Files contained manuals, schematics, diagrams, and photographs. He was arrested while he was on his way to San Francisco International Airport where he was going to take a flight to China.

Apple is worried that if the accused fled to China it’ll be nearly impossible to track them while the employees pose a threat of selling trade secrets in China which we all know how much Apple cares for.

via: Reuters

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