How To Save Data While Streaming on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ streaming quality is by far the best among all streaming services available. Which means that users streaming through iPhones or iPads with data caps will face a huge data consumption. Here is to save data while streaming shows and movies on Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ offers content in 4K with HDR on supported devices which in return makes the file sizes huge. Let us give you a couple of examples, if you download ‘The Elephant Queen’ movie, it’ll use more than 6 GB of your device storage while an episode of ‘The Morning Show’ will use over 3GB of storage if you are streaming on the default settings.

There is no option currently available to download content with smaller file sizes. But if you wish to stream online Apple TV+ has a basic quality switch feature available in the settings.

Save Data While Streaming on Apple TV+

Follow these steps to change the setting if you want to save data

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap TV
  • Open iTunes Videos
  • In the Playback Quality section, tap Wifi of Mobile Data
  • Change from Best Available to Good
Save Data Streaming on Apple TV+

If you stream in ‘Best Available’ quality, an episode of SEE will consume around 2 GB of your data while streaming in ‘Good’ quality will reduce this to 750 MB only saving you around 1.25 GB of your data plan.

So far this is the only play around to save data while streaming, we hope Apple will introduce some features to minimize this data usage while downloading or streaming playback.

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