Microsoft Re-Designs Outlook for Mac

Microsoft has introduced an (almost) re-designed Outlook for Mac, The Verge reported. Reading and writing emails has been improved, there is an all-new interface for composing emails. You can also ignore emails if you want and the ribbon is gone for good.

“Following the same design principles as the Office 365 user experience updates announced last year, the ribbon was updated in the new Outlook for Mac to be fully customizable,” explains a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. “In Mac environment, we refer to it as a toolbar – at this time, there are no plans to announce updates to the ribbon elsewhere on Office for Mac.”

Emails now sync more quickly and that is because of a new sync technology which makes email synchronization quicker if you are using Office 365 or Google email accounts.

You can toggle the “New Outlook for Mac” option if you are in the beta testing program. To do this just click the top right corner of the app and select New Outlook. Microsoft said that it will be releasing more updates in the coming months but there is no specific dates on when we’re going to see those updates.

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