Developer Who Leaked Unreleased Apple Products Locked Out of His Developer Account

The developer of ChibiStudio and AirBuddy Guilherme Rambo shared a blog post that Apple has locked him out of the developer account. He has been struggling since but there is no response from Apple.

Rambo has been locked out of his Apple developer account from August this year. The strange part is, Apple hasn’t replied to his queries after three months since the issue surfaced.

Rambo is known for leaking unreleased Apple products before launch and he believes this to be the reason behind his locked developer account.

While Apple locked Rambo of his account, the company featured his app ChibiStudio on the App Store. Rambo has 100,000 users on his ChibiStudio app and the situation has disabled him to update his apps.

Although Rambo has in the past leaked information about unreleased Apple products there has been no communication from Apple’s side on why his account has been locked. The developer is going to take this matter to press in a hope of getting noticed by someone from Apple and to get his developer account back.

Apple is a company that takes so much proud in its developers base but on the other hand, such actions against developers are telling us some other story.

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