Streaming Quality: Apple TV+ Vs. Netflix

When we talk about Apple tv+ Vs. Netflix, Apple’s streaming service is far behind Netflix when it comes to the content library but that doesn’t mean Apple is all the way behind in streaming services. Ramus Larsen of flatpanelshd tested the 4K streaming quality of Apple TV+ and it came out that the streaming quality is by far better than Netflix.

Apple TV+ Vs. Netflix

Netflix streams at a bitrate of 15MB/s while the test concluded that Apple TV+’s “See” hit the highest bitrate at 29MB/s with a peak of 41MB/s. “The Elephant Queen” averaged at 26MB/s while the audio quality is also high are 386Kb/s. The test was without Dolby Atmos which means that this quality will be higher with Atmos sound system.

This means that you can enjoy the high-quality content on Apple TV+ without any compromises but if your internet connection has a data cap, you’ll consume your bandwidth watching content on Apple TV+. Apple’s streaming service is just launched and e expect the Cupertino based tech giant to introduce a data-saver mode that increases or decreases the content quality based on your internet connection.

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