Apple Sold 10 Million iPhone 11 Units in China in Two Months

Apple reportedly sold 10 million iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro units in China in September and October. Bloomberg reported the sales based on government data and total Android Shipments in the region.

Chinese customers seem to be receiving the iPhone 11 series better than last year’s models because of the lowered retail price,” said Nicole Peng, a Canalys analyst. “We see weaker shipments for old models but the latest products are going strong.

If this calculation is solid then Apple will see an increase of 6% in shipments on a year over year basis. Before the launch of the iPhone 11, Apple was losing its market share in China but the situations seem to change.

A major reason for the increased number of iPhone 11 sold in China is Apple has reduced the price of iPhone 11 by $50 which has resulted in increased demand in both the United States and China.

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