Trump Says ‘Touch ID’ Was Better Than ‘Face ID’

US President Donald Trump has tweeted out to Tim Cook recently that ‘button on the IPhone was FAR better than the Swipe!’. President is referring to the Touch ID button found on the older iPhones comparing it to the Face ID swipe that is now the standard of Apple’s iPhones.

His tweet also reflects that the President has recently upgraded to an iPhone X or later model and has used the Face ID for the first time.

Apple has now made Face ID the standard of every iPhone. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were the last two models to have Touch ID embedded in them.

Although Touch ID was a lot faster than Face ID but Apple has made some speed improvements over the years and Face ID is now comparatively fast than it was on an iPhone X.

Apple is also working on an embedded fingerprint sensor, though it seems that the tech giant will launch this feature with 2021 iPhones but they managed to speed up the development, it is possible to launch an iPhone with embedded Touch ID features in 2020.

Trump’s tweet will not affect the company in any way and will have no impact on future iPhones. Let’s see if Tim Cook responds or not.

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