iPhone 11R Geekbench Test Confirms 4GB RAM

The 2019 successor of iPhone XR will be called iPhone 11R has phased through a Geekbench score which confirms that the phone will be launched with 4GB of RAM.

iPhone 11R

The Geekbench test was done on the iPhone 11R running iOS 13.1. Test also confirmed that the phone has a 6 core processor and is equipped with Apple A13 chip.

iPhone 11R speed test

The test run on the 2019 iPhone XR scored 5415 and 11294 on single-core and multi-core benchmarks. The score is pretty much the same compared to the 2018 iPhone XR which was 4796 and 11192.

Users should not worry about the performance of the A13 chips as the previous chips, called A12 Bionic are still a couple of years ahead of the smartphone chips available in the market.

The Geekbench test conducted is confirmed to be performed on 2019 iPhone XR successor as the model this test was performed on was iPhone 12,1 with a motherboard identifier N104AP.

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