China Used iPhone Exploits To Target Uyghur Muslims

Google reported a vulnerability that enabled malicious websites to collect data from thousands of users. Apple has fixed it but according to a report from TechCrunch, those websites were backed by the Chinese government to attack Uyghur Muslims.

The websites were part of a campaign to target the religious group by infecting an iPhone with malicious code simply by visiting a booby-trapped web page. In gaining unfettered access to the iPhone’s software, an attacker could read a victim’s messages, passwords, and track their location in near-real time.

TechCrunch reported that the Chinese government was behind those malicious websites and their targets were Uyghur Muslims. Although, non-Uyghur were also affected because the sites were listed in the Google search index and were visited unintentionally by them.

The FBI has alerted Google and has asked the search giant to remove those websites from the search index.

Around one million Uighurs Muslims have been detained in internment camps. China claims that the centers across Xinjiang are for vocational training while the US terms them as political re-education centers.

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