Apple Working On AR Headset, iOS 13 Code Shows

Digitimes reported previously that Apple has scrapped its augmented reality headset initiative and has disbanded the team on May 2019. iOS 13 code shows that those reports were inaccurate and that Apple is still working on an AR headset codenamed ‘Garta’.

The iOS internal build has a ‘STARTester’ app to toggle between headset mode. Another report suggests ‘worn’ and ‘held’ modes. A test file also suggests a ‘StarBoard’ system for stereo AR apps.

Apple AR Headset release date

Sources suggest that Apple may release its Headset as early as 2020. Reports suggest that the Apple AR glasses will use ‘rOS’ (reality OS).

Tim Cook has said on occasions that augmented reality is immensely important for Apple.

I think it is profound, I am so excited about it, I just want to yell out and scream.

Tim Cook on AR. June 2017

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