Major WhatsApp Update Will Let Users To Use App On Multiple Devices

A new leak suggests that WhatsApp is planning to roll a major new update that will let users to use the app across multiple phones and devices.

The upcoming latest version of WhatsApp will transform the app into a truly multi platform experience allowing users to switch to their iPads, iPhones or Macs seamlessly while sending and receiving messages. The update will not be limited to just Apple devices but will also work on Android and Windows.

To date, WhatsApp accounts are linked to single account and it requires users to link to their original device that has the specific user account logged in.

whatsapp on multiple devices

This new update will let users to use WhatsApp on multiple devices just Facebook where users use their account credentials to log in to any device they want to access their account from. Users will be able to download a standalone version of the app and their messages will sync through all of their devices.

The new features are currently under development and their is no final word on when this update will roll out.

via: The Independent

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