Trump Calls Tim Cook ‘Great Executive’. Says He Calls Him “Whenever There’s a Problem”

President Donald Trump met Apple CEO Tim Cook over the weekend to discuss the impact of tariffs on Apple.

According to Trump, what makes the president and CEO’s relationship unique is that Cook calls Trump whenever there’s a problem.

“That’s why he’s a great executive,” Trump told reporters on Wednesday from outside the White House. “Because he calls me and others don’t. Others go out and hire very expensive consultants. Tim Cook calls Donald Trump directly.”

Trump said that this is the difference between Tim Cook and other tech executives.

Trump also said that Cook argued that these tariffs will punish Apple and will affect Apple’s business making it difficult for the tech company to compete with Samsung because Samsung is based in South Korea while Apple is US based. Trump calls Tim Cook’s argument ‘compelling’.

“The problem was that Samsung, a competitor, his competitor, wouldn’t be paying tariffs, and Tim Cook would,” Trump said. “I gotta help him out short-term, because it’s a great American company.”

Trump administration has planned a 10% tariff which was going to affect almost all Apple products. Shortly after, White House came up with an announcement to delay those tariffs for certain products including phones and laptops.

Apple will still get a hit from these tariffs on Macs, Airpods, Apple Watch and other products. There’s only Trump who can save Apple if he comes up with a shot solution.

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