Siri Grading Program Will Return With Privacy Focused Changes

Apple has formally apologized for handling the user data previously and has announced that Siri Grading Program will return later this fall with privacy-focused changes in the policy.

No audio recordings will be retained by default, Apple says. The company also says that users will have to opt-in if they Apple to use voice samples.

Another change Apple made is that only Apple employees will take part in the Siri grading program and no third party contractors will be hired to do this. Previously when Apple suspended the grading program, all third party contractors were laid off.

The feature to opt-in to improve Siri services will come later this fall. It must be noted here that in the current beta release of iOS 13.1 there is no toggle option to opt-out from the grading program.

If you want to delete your Siri recording, be sure to check our guide on how to delete your Siri recordings from Apple devices.

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