New Feature Shows Windows Is 8 Years Behind Mac

Features maketh OS. Mac and Windows are the two most early version of operating systems used in inexpensive personal computers. The rivalry between both started with their inception and continues till date. Recently Microsoft added a new feature to Windows called ‘Internet Recovery’ which shows that Mac is 8 years ahead of Windows as the same feature was introduced in OSX Lion back in July 2011.

According to The Verge this line was spotted in Windows 10 insider preview build 18950.

Insiders may notice some references to ‘Cloud download’ relating to PC reset or refresh. This feature isn’t available and working quite yet. We’ll let you know once it is, so you can try it out!

Microsoft introduced this feature in their Surface tablets to reinstall Windows 10 in “Download from Cloud” mode. macOS has this feature since 2011 to let users access Safari, to do some recovery tasks such as repair disks or to download the latest version of macOS from Apple servers.

Mac vs Windows

Mac vs Windows has been the title of debate from years now. Although Apple was the first company to introduce personal computing starting with Apple I and Apple II but the competition between both rivals has introduced many new technologies making many positive advances. For example, Apple was the first to introduced Quicktime that enabled users to watch high quality videos on their computers. Windows introduced the first tablet PC, although it failed due to Windows XP that was a heavily bloated OS. This let Apple to introduce iPad. Apple was also the first company to introduce GUI.

Nevertheless, this Mac vs Windows rivalry has helped the general users a lot and paved the way for technological advances we are using today.

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