How To Delete Your Siri Recordings from Mac Or iOS

Apple today suspended the Siri grading program where Apple contractors were able to listen to the recording from users Apple devices. AppleInsider today approached Apple with a question on how to delete Siri recording from Mac or iOS. Apple told that the number of recordings from Siri are very low and there is a very little chance that Apple has retained any of your recording. If you still want to go for it, here’s the procedure.

Deleting Siri recordings from Mac

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click Siri
  • Disable Enable Ask Siri
  • Go back to System Preferences
  • Click Dictation
  • Turn Dictation Off

Deleting Siri Recording from iOS

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Siri & Search
  • Turn off Listen for “Hey Siri”
  • Turn off Press side button for Siri
  • After Apple’s warning You Have Turned Off Siri, Tap Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Keyboard
  • Turn Dictation Off

You’ll have to do this on every Apple device you own. Siri is not linked to iCloud so you’ll have to manually turn these features off. Secondly, once you turn Siri or Dictation back on, the recordings will be retained again by Apple. Although Apple has turned of manual grading for now until a new policy kicks in, after that you’ll only have to do this once.

Other Options to opt-out of Siri recordings

There’s another option you can use to opt-out of Siri recordings (obviously until a new policy from Apple comes). This has to be done only when you are setting up your Apple device by selection the not to share you data option at the device setup.

Alternatively you can install this profile to prevent these recordings. A word of safety, Apple doesn’t recommends installing untrusted profiles and we would also recommend the same until the safety of this profile is verified.

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