Best Apple Card Alternative

Apple released its Apple Card yesterday, it is a feature-full service with cash-backs but is it the best that is available? Here is the best Apple Card alternative you can have.

Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash is the topper for the position of best Apple Card alternatives with the following features:

  • Supports Apple Pay.
  • 2 percent cash as compared to Apple Card’s 1 percent back on all purchases with no cap and no annual fee.
  • Provides color coded spending reports.
  • Customizable and categorized spending reports.
  • Real time fraud alerts.

There is a draw back though. You’ll have to pay 3% foreign transaction fee if you buy from a foreign merchant as compared to Apple Card.

If you don’t carry balance in your credit card Citi Double Cash is the best Apple Card alternative in our opinion but if you are used to carry balance we would not recommend it. At the end the decision is up to you to make.

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