Bloomberg: Apple To Launch Apple TV+ At $9.99 / Month

Bloomberg has published a report regarding Apple TV+ pricing. According to this report Apple is going to launch Apple TV+ in November this year with a target price of $9.99 per month with five shows.

Apple officially has not released anything on Apple TV+ pricing yet but this report from Bloomberg suggest that the price range will be higher than that of Disney+ but lower as compared to Hulu and Netflix.

Apple has a history of launching a service with free trials for “build its library”. Apple Music was launched with a free trial of three months while Apple is going to launch Apple Arcade with a one month free trial. Reports also suggest that Apple is going to reduce the free trial period of Apple Music to one month only.

As for the five shows Apple is launching with its streaming service, here are the details about the shows

Apple’s initial slate of shows will include “The Morning Show,” Steven Spielberg’s “Amazing Stories,” “See” with Jason Momoa, “Truth Be Told” with Octavia Spencer, and a documentary series about extravagant houses called “Home.”

Another report suggests that Apple will bundle its services including Apple Music, iCloud storage, Apple Music and Apple Arcade. Means that users will be able to get all of these service in one bundle. Again, no words on this from Apple.

The company could head off a revenue slowdown by coaxing users to subscribe to the new services. Cupertino, California-based Apple could also potentially boost revenue by tying services to the iPhone upgrade program, which lets customers update to new models annually via monthly payment plans.

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