Apple TV+ Cost, Release Date, Supported Devices and More.

Apple is going to launch its streaming service termed as Apple TV+ in November this year. Apple will also premier six Apple TV+ originals with the launch of its streaming service.

Here is everything you need to know about Apple TV+

When will Apple Launch Apple TV+?

Reports from Bloomberg suggest that Apple is going to launch Apple TV+ in November 2019. Another Apple competitor is also coming in November, the Disney+.

Comparing both Disney has years of experience in content production. Not to mention, Disney also has a huge catalog of content already.

How much will Apple TV+ Cost?

There is no word on how much Apple TV+ will cost at the moment. Reports suggest that Apple will be launching the streaming service at $9.99 per month with the possibility of a free trial.

Can you watch Apple TV+ on non-Apple Devices?

Yes! While you’ll be able to watch Apple TV+ on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TV. Apple TV+ will also be available on Amazon Fire TV and some new models of Samsung, Sony, LG, Roku and Vizio. You should also be able to watch Apple TV+ on Samsung, LG and Sony by using Airplay 2.

Will Apple TV+ serve ads?

According to Apple, Apple TV+ will stream on demand content and will have no ads.

Will Apple bundle TV+ with other services like Apple Music?

It is likely that Apple will bundle up its Apple TV+ service with Apple Music, Apple Arcade and iCloud services. There is no confirmation from Apple on this.

How many shows will be available at the launch of Apple TV+

Apple is launching its streaming service from scratch so there won’t be much content at the launch. A report suggests that Apple is currently working on 30 shows but another report from Bloomberg says that Apple will launch Apple TV+ with only five shows.

Will Apple allow offline viewing or downloads on Apple TV+?

Yes, Apple will allow offline viewing and downloads on Apple TV+ but the both these features will be limited. Users will only be able to download a show certain times. Apple is also limiting simultaneous viewing of its streaming service but it all depends on the subscription of Apple TV+

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