Apple Working On A Tile Like Tracker, Will Offer Offline Device Tracking

Even before Apple announced iOS 13 at WWDC 2019, there were rumors that Apple is working on a tile-like tracker device. Although the company did not make any announcements at the developer conference, code snippets in iOS 13 show that Apple is still working on a tracker, rumored to be called Apple Tracker.

How will Apple Tracker work?

This tiny piece of hardware will work on a new offline tracking feature found in macOS Catalina and iOS 13. Even if your stolen iPhone, iPad or Mac is offline it’ll send Bluetooth beacon signals to the iPhones and MacBooks nearby. Those devices will then relay the location of your device to Apple Servers.

This small Bluetooth tag will be attached to users’ important things like keys and wallets and will relay its own location. Apple will use ARKit to track stolen or lost devices.

Apple will also allow users to attach the tag with their iOS or watchOS devices which means if the beacon goes out of range of that device, users will get notification about it.

Apple will hold an event on September 10th where the tech giant will launch the iPhone 11. This tile-like Bluetooth tag is still a rumor but we might expect an official announcement from Apple soon.

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