15,000 iPhone XR For British Airways Employees

British Airways announced that it has purchased 15,000 iPhone XR units from Apple for its cabin crew. These units will be shipped with pre-loaded apps to help cabin crew provide better customer service and in-flight experience.

Bradley Smith, 27, one of the first cabin crew to receive a brand-new iPhone XRs says the phones are enabling a step-change in customer service:
“Recently, when a customer realised that he had forgotten to order a special meal, he was really impressed when I quickly took out the phone, logged onto ba.com and ordered a meal for his return journey – all within a matter of minutes in the middle of the flight.”

British Airways is investing £6.5 billion to improve customer experience. British Airways is also installing high-speed Wifi across its fleet.

British Airways is investing £6.5 billion to improve its customer experience over the next five years, including the installation of high-speed, industry-leading WiFi across the fleet, which will help cabin crew access the latest information for customers on their devices whilst in flight.

You can read the full press release about British Airways and iPhone XR here.

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