Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Be Slower Than iPhone XS

Benchmark score shows that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Be Slower Than 2018 iPhone. Note 10 is reportedly slower than iPhone XS or XS Max

Samsung will unveil the successor of Galaxy Note 9 on August 7th. This 2019 model of Galaxy Note phone is reportedly said to be slower than iPhone XS, released back in 2018.

Galaxy Note 10 Vs. iPhone XS / XS Max

A Geekbench score that appeared on Primate Labs’ website for “Samsung SM-N976N” which is reportedly the model of Galaxy Note 10 for South Korea has scored less than an iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Galaxy Note 10 scored a 10431 on Geekbench multi-core test while an iPhone XS scored 11261 on a multi-core test. For iPhone XS Max, multi-core test score on Geekbench was 11216.

It should be noted here that Apple is introducing A13 chip that said to leave every Android competitor behind. Making it more faster is the all new iOS 13 boosting up iPhone performance to up to 40%.

These scores are comparatively slower than Galaxy S10 and S10+ but are still unofficial scores and nothing is for sure at the moment. Samsung will release Galaxy Note 10 in a just a week and we’ll have the final picture on 7th August.

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