iPhone 11: Three New Models With A13 Chip & New Taptic Engine

Just like last year, Apple will release three new models of iPhone 11 this year. These three devices will be equipped with Apple’s A13 chip codenamed Cebu and model T8030.

Contrary to rumors, iPhone 11 will have Lightning Port, not the USB-C as there was a rumor that Apple will be shifting to USB-C port after the change on iPad Pro.

iPhone XI models are known as D42, D43 and N104 and will replace iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR respectively. iPhone XI and aa Max (reportedly) will have 3 times OLED retina display while the model N104 replacing iPhone XR will has 2x Liquid Retina Display. All these three models will have the same screen resolution as their previous models.

iPhone 11 Taptic Engine

iPhone 7 Taptic Engine

This years iPhone XI models will have a new Taptic Engine, codenamed leap haptics. The features of the new tech is still unclear but we know one thing for sure that this will replace the 3D Touch feature possibly improving haptic Touch.

iPhone 11 Camera

iPhone 11 will have three cameras at the back inside a square camera bump. A new wide angle camera is coming to iPhone XI. This wide angle camera will bring a feature called Smart Fram. This feature will allow iPhone users to capture area around the frame for post editing and cropping of image and video. This extra information will be removed after a period of time for privacy purpose.

Front facing selfie camera will get an upgrade to record slo-mo at 120 fps.

Apple will release the iPhone XI in September along with iOS 13.

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