How To: Transfer Data From Old iPhone to New Using Migration Tool

Transferring your backup from old iPhone to new one is already pretty easy, if you have an iTunes backups just plugin you new iPhone and restore data from backup. You can also restore backup from iCloud by entering your iCloud credentials into the new device. But, what if you can just transfer data directly from old iPhone to your brand new iPhone? Like AirDrop? You can do so in the latest iOS 12.4 update, if you haven’t updated yet go on and update your device to iOS 12.4. In case you are running an iOS 13 developer beta or the public beta you can skip this step.

How to use the Migration Tool

Apple introduced this feature with iOS 12.4, its called migration tool and works pretty much the same as the old Quick Start. Just switch on your new device and place it near your old iPhone. A panel will appear on the bottom of your iPhone screen asking you if you want to use your Apple ID to setup the new iPhone, tap to agree.

Transfer Data From Old iPhone to New

Point the camera of your old iPhone to the swirling dots on the new one, this will pair both devices.

Continue with the setup process and setup your passcode, Touch/Face ID. Migration tools will kick in at the end. The screen where you were prompted to restore from iCloud back up will now have another option to transfer directly from another device.

Transfer Data From Old iPhone to New

This will initiate the wireless date transfer using the Apple’s AirDrop service. The device will show you the estimated time it’ll take to transfer data depending upon the size of data you have on your old iPhone.

Transfer iPhone data using a wire

You can also connect two devices using a cable, for this you’ll have to use lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter also known as Camera Connection Kit and a Lightning to USB Cable. Please note that if you want to use the cable method, the cables should be connected at the beginning of the setup.

The benefit of using a cable is speed but you won’t be able to power your devices during cabled transfer if any of your iPhone runs out of juice.

Apps won’t be transferred while migrating, although apps data is transferred but the app are downloaded directly from the App Store. Reason for this is that apps are optimized for the device they are installed it and may not be compatible on the new iPhone.

Also note that in order for this procedure to work, both devices should be running iOS version 12.4.

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