FaceApp Is Raising Privacy Concerns. Uploading User Photos w/o Permission

An app that applies aging filter named FaceApp is trending on the internet from several days. The App uses your photos and selfies and transforms them by applying aging filters, glasses and more.

FaceApp is raising privacy concerns and according to a developer Joshua Nozzi, the app is uploading all of your photos without permission. The upload starts as soon as you allow the app to access your photo library.


FaceApp will ask to access your photos and you’ll start seeing your photos in the app slowly (network delays). As soon as you enable airplane mode, all of your photos will be listed while not letting you use any of them at the same time.

FaceApp’s privacy also looks shady and says its uses content “photos and other materials that you post through” FaceApp. We reached out to the developers of FaceApp but haven’t heard anything yet.

These viral apps have a history of becoming a privacy blunder. We would advise you to be careful before using any such viral apps as they might have consequences users are not aware of.

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