Apple Released iOS 12.4. Apple Card Release Expected

Apple has released iOS 12.4 today and we are expecting iOS 12.4 to be the first official release that’ll support Apple Card. iOS 12.4 was in developer and public beta since mid-may. Apple Card release is not yet confirmed as Apple may delay the launch till later this year.

iOS 12.4 has some minor bug fixes, security and performance improvements, nothing big.

Apple announced Apple Card in March event this year while official release was expected in summers.

Apple Card completely rethinks everything about the credit card.
It represents all the things Apple stands for. Like simplicity, transparency, and privacy.
It builds on the incredible ease and security that millions of people love about Apple Pay.
And it’s the first card that actually encourages you to pay less interest.
You can buy things effortlessly, with just your iPhone. Or use the Apple‑designed titanium card anywhere in the world.


Know more about Apple Card here.

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