Apple Launching A 16-inch MacBook Pro

According to a supply chain report, Apple is launching a 16-inch model of its MacBook Pro with a bulky price tag. This 16-inch MacBook Pro model will be priced at around $3000.

Supply chain news, 16 inches is Apple’s new notebook screen resolution of 3072 × 1920, higher than the current maximum display specifications of 15.4 inches, 2880 × 1800, the thickness of the previous generation level, the foundry is expected to officially ship in September The product positioning is between iMac and Mac Pro, and is mainly used by professionals in the professional field.

Although Apple is going to launch iPhone 11 in September, reports suggest that Apple won’t be releasing this 16-inch MacBook Pro until October 2019.

16-inch MacBook Pro Specs

As per the reports received, this model will be addition to the current MacBook Pro lineup and will be equipped with scissor switch keyboard rather then the butterfly keyboard Apple has been using for years now. The 16-inch display is also reportedly an edge-to-edge display as seen in iPhone X and XS and 2018 iPad Pro.

So far, nothing can be said for sure because let’s face it, its Apple and the tech giant takes leaks too seriously.

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