Apple In Talks To Acquire Intel’s Smartphone Modem Business for &1 Billion

Apple is in talks to acquire Intel’s smartphone modem business. Apple will pay $1 billion for staff and patents. Apple is reportedly in talks with Intel before Apple and Qualcomm settlements. It is also reported that the deal may finalize within next few weeks.

Intel is exiting 5G modem business and Apple is the most suitable buyer for them not to mention here that the deal broke apart during Apple and Qualcomm settlements and the offer was opened for other companies as well.

Apple is developing its own modem technology so the company has not to rely on companies like Qualcomm and this deal if closed will save Apple from years of development work.

It would give Apple access to engineering work and talent behind Intel’s yearslong push to develop modem chips for the crucial next generation of wireless technology known as 5G, potentially saving years of development work. Apple has been working to develop chips to further differentiate its devices as smartphone sales plateau globally, squeezing the iPhone business that has long underpinned its profits.
It has hired engineers, including some from Intel, and announced plans for an office of 1,200 employees in San Diego.

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