iOS vs Android Adoption. Only 10% Android phones running Android Pie

Yesterday when the WWDC 2019 keynoted kicked in, Tim Cook stated that only 10% of total Android devices have adopted to the latest version of Android i.e. Android Pie. Whereas when it comes to iOS, the adoption rate is surprisingly hight with 85% iPhones running the latest version of iOS i.e. iOS 12.

We have checked the detailed stats for Android distribution and these stats are available at distribution dashboard webpage. You can see that Android adoption rates over the years are very low. Only Marshmallow (version 6) and Oreo (version 8.1) crossed the 15% mark while the rest are quite below 15%.

Compare this to Apple, 87% of all the devices released during last four years are running the latest version of iOS that is iOS 12 while 85% of all the iOS devices manufactured by Apple are running latest version of iOS.


One reason is that there are tons and tons of devices running android and it would not be fair to  compare this number to devices running iOS. Older iPhones like iPhone 3G and 3GS are now outdated and are rarely used. Android on the other hand is running on a much larger scale than iOS. Second, manufacturers like Samsung only provide updates till 18 months or so and thus any device by Samsung gets no update after 18 months of initial launch. iOS has this feature that its new version is available to devices dating back 2 generations hence increasing the adoption rates.

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