How an Apple Watch saved life of a woman while paddle boarding

There are stories on how Apple Watch saved life of people during different occasions. Here’s another one when a woman from Massachusetts who was paddle boarding off the Nahant Beach.

She was paddle boarding off the Nahant Beach when wind started to blow her off the shore. At a point the wind became so much that she was unable to paddle against it. User her Apple Watch she called 911 and contact the Lyn, Massachusetts fire department. She told them what is happening and that she feels embarrassed. To which the dispatch told her that there is nothing to be embarrassed of.

“The wind blew her way off the beach,” said Swampscott Police Sergeant Bill Waters.

The woman told the dispatcher she was embarrassed she had to call for help, but the wind was too much for her to paddle against, and she was drifting farther away from shore.

She was saved without any injury but communicating through an Apple Watch became a reason to save her life.

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