Here are the top security features macOS Catalina has

Apple announced the next version of macOS at WWDC 2019, macOS Catalina will be the successor or macOS Mojave. With this latest version Apple is focusing more on security and privacy. Here are the top security features Apple is introducing in macOS Catalina.

Safari download permissions:

From blocking pop-ups to not allowing websites to track your history, Safari is one of the most secure and privacy focused internet browser. With macOS Catalina, Apple is moving one step forward by disabling automatic downloads from random websites. Any website that wants to download a file using Safari will ask for permission to download the file first.

macOS Catalina Security Features

Allowing files access to apps:

We all know about permission available in iOS and iPadOS. It is the most useful feature in iPhones and iPads when it comes to giving selected access to selected apps. Desktop operating systems from Apple lacked this features up till now. Not anymore, Apple is bringing file access permissions to apps in macOS Catalina. Another macOS Catalina security feature focusing on privacy and security.

macOS Catalina Security features

Sandbox feature:

Apple is also introducing a sandbox feature in macOS Catalina for apps to run in their separate visual environment securing your system from getting affected from any failures.

This is not it, another security feature is called gatekeeper which checks the apps downloaded from App Store for security flaws periodically.

A bluetooth beacon system will also be available to track your Mac even if it is not connected to the internet.

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