Apple Announces iOS 13 at WWDC 2019

Apple has officially announced iOS 13 with Dark Mode all over the OS. New Maps, new intelligent sharing options, a redesigned reminder app, new features in Safari and much more.

  • All-new Apple Maps rolling out to the entire United States by the end of 2019
  • All-new Reminders app, rewritten from the ground up. Just type what you want and Reminders will know when and where to notify you, attach photos, Smart Lists , Tasks
  • Safari has per website preferences, Mail supports rich fonts
  • Dark Mode in Music app, live lyrics support as well
  • Redesigned share sheet with suggestions, easier to share things with one tap
  • New swipe keyboard built-in to iOS
  • Dark Mode is officially here, News, Home screen, Calendar, and more themed with new dark appearance
  • Major focus on performance with iOS 13: 30 percent faster Face ID unlock
  • App downloads are 50 percent smaller, app updates 60 percent smaller
  • 2x faster app launch speed

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