Apple will notify users if the next iOS update will affect performance. UK Government

A consumer watchdog group in UK announced today that Apple has formally agreed to notify users if the next iOS update will affect performance. It’s been a year and Apple is still beaten back for the decision to slow down older iPhones in concurrence with aging batteries.

UK government has announced on website that Apple has agreed to notify the users if an update will affect the performance of their devices.

“To ensure compliance with consumer law Apple has formally agreed to improve the information it provides to people about the battery health of their phones and the impact performance management software may have on their phones,” the U.K. government said on its website.
The CMA’s investigation focused on concerns that people were not warned that their phone’s performance could slow down following a software update to manage the power demands on batteries.

Although Apple has added a new battery health and performance management feature where users can choose “Peak Performance” option with a risk of unexpected shutdowns.

Since 2018, Apple has replaced around 11 million batteries. After the promotion of battery replacement in $29, Apple now replaces batteries for $49 for older iPhones and for $69 for iPhone X.

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