Apple tried to buy Tesla. Reportedly offered $240 share price

Apple reportedly offered Tesla $240 per share back in 2013.

Craig Irwin, senior research analyst at Roth Capital Partners told CNBC.

“Around 2013, there was a serious bid from Apple at around $240 a share.”

Irwin didn’t disclose his source, he went on to add

“This is something we did multiple checks on. I have complete confidence that this is accurate. Apple bid for Tesla. I don’t know if it got to a formal paperwork stage, but I know from multiple different sources that this was very credible.”

Apple may still be interested in buying Tesla particularly when Tesla’s valuation has taken a knock in previous months. Apple has been working on an autonomous vehicle project called “Titan”. The tech giant relies on Tesla’s expertise for the mentioned project.

Tesla’s engineers have also been moving to Apple, most recently, in March this year, Apple hired Tesla’s head of electric powertrains.

Apple takes secrecy very seriously, we can’t say anything for sure. Let’s wait and watch.

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